What gives you the most enjoyment in tennis?

Posted on May 7, 2010


The John McEnroe quote saying desire is the most important quality in a tennis player is true, but the most enjoyable experience in tennis is when you play well, when it all flows and everything is effortless.  Last night, I flowed 🙂 I wasn’t sensational, but for me it was a step forward.  My forehand was effortless and I felt good.  My backhand still needs some work, but hopefully I’ve turned the corner.

So what is your best moment in tennis?  Mine was years ago, when I played for the school and just one time I was completely in the zone – I could do no wrong (which believe me usually I can easily do) and virtually all my first serves went in and I served just as hard with my second.  I don’t remeber how many aces I hit, but it was a lot.  The rest of my play was just as good.  It made up for all the times I’ve played badly.

I’d love to hear your stories.