Never listen when someone says “You’re playing really well”

Posted on May 20, 2010


It is so right, what they say about what happens when someone complements your game during the match.  You think great, I’m really going to play well now.  And, what do you do?  You try so hard to play well, you put pressure on yourself, you think “what was I doing so well?” and try to do it.  Of course, you then start playing really badly 😦 That was me last night.  I was varying my shots, being consistent, not over hitting and then bam.  I get complemented as I usually lose against this opponent and I start to play really bad.  In fact, I witnessed the total collapse of my serve.  I couldn’t even remember what my arms were supposed to do, where to move my body, nothing.  Zero action.  So, next time I am blocking it out when someone says well played!