Still waiting for my good form to return – Cyprus Tennis

Posted on May 27, 2010


Susan Leglen Stadium at Roland Garros

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Tennis in Cyprus – describes a dip in form – 27 May 2010 – Tennis in Cyprus

Tennis in Cyprus is fun – much better weather to play in than the UK.  But, one thing is constant – I play well for a while and then I start to play really badly.  Ouch!  I’ve had some great playing days, where I’ve shown glimpses of what I might be able to achieve, but the door seems to be almost closed on that.  Mmm … The last few times I’ve played have been bad.  One or two good shots, but on the whole, pretty abysmal.  I’ve got better at handling it and still manage to pull out the odd win, but it’s not very satisfying.  I’m hoping to dig myself out of this pit soon.  Admittedly last night I was so tired, my eyes couldn’t focus and the light was not good.

I watched part of the French Open last night to see how I am supposed to play – dream on! Some good matches, but also some spoilt brat antics.  Looking forward to see the continuation of the matches today.  Go for it Murray!

Hopefully tonight I’ll play like a champion!  Come on Rafa!