If you focus there’s no wind – Cyprus Tennis

Posted on May 28, 2010


Cyprus Tennis – asks how you play when there’s wind – 28 May 2010 – Tennis in Cyprus

I’ve always found it hard to play when there’s wind.  I just can’t adapt to it and my shots go all over, especially my serve.  If I do the whole “mental matchplay” thing, I’ve discovered that it’s as if there is no wind.  OK, I still make some mistakes, well quite a few, but I no longer no longer really notice the wind.  It’s the same when playing on a different surface as well.  Today I was playing on astroturf and OK I didn’t play that well, but it was more me than the change in surface.  Grreaat!

So, focus is improving, but not there yet.  That’s one thing.  Serve is still bad.