Friday night fights according to Cyprus Tennis

Posted on July 28, 2010


Cyprus Tennis – reviews Friday night singles tennis tournament at Aphrodite Hills – 28 July 2010 – Tennis in Cyprus

If you like to compete like me then Friday could become a regular time for you to test out your skills.   Every Friday at 5pm at Aphrodite Hills there is a singles tournament.  Call 26 828122 to reserve your place.  It’s not expensive to enter and is great fun.  On 16th July there must have been about 30 of us of all ages, with some very good players.  We just played a tie break – first to 7 points and kept swapping opponents.  Special balls were used to equal it out and provided quite a challenge for those of us who like to hit the ball hard, but I suspect that it could improve my skill.  It culminated in a scintillating final.  Roll on Fridays!