Can tennis be social and competititive at the same time?

Posted on August 13, 2010


Cyprus Tennis – reviews regular social tennis – 13 August 2010 – Tennis in Cyprus

Yes it can.  On Wednesday, I went to the regular social tennis at 7pm at Aphrodite Hills and had a brilliant time (OK my view is skewed because I played really well which made me very happy).  There were less of us this week, but I had 3 sets of comptitive doubles play and the last set especially we really battled it out.  The humidity was pretty high so we all sweated buckets – to the point that some had to wring their shirts out 🙂  It was hard core tennis, but fun!  We laughed, we teased, we egged each other on and it was social. That is how tennis is meant to be – to enjoy every seccond and not play boring polite tennis.   The beers aterwards weren’t bad either!