Getting there slowly – Cyprus Tennis

Posted on August 25, 2010


Roger Federer, Master Series Monte Carlo 2007

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 Cyprus Tennis – reviews progress – 25 August 2010 – Tennis in Cyprus

Last night I played my friend and regular tennis opponent and lost as usual, but … I’m not depressed.  I got played off the court, but she had to play well.  I played quite well for me and played some sublime shots – one backhand I thought was a bit of Nadal (I really like his backhand), but I am informed it was closer to Federer as of course he plays a one handed one  Still, it felt good.  It wasn’t my only good shot, but as I have been working hard to get my backhand working at all, it was an achievement.  I also was a good girl (yes Wyn I have been listening) and didn’t hit the ball too hard.  I was focusing on controlling my shots 🙂  I didn’t focus well all the time, but it was better.  The mental matchplay is paying off I think.  It’s not really enough for the tournament in a few weeks time, but, what the hell, I might as well try!