Sociality’s best guys

Posted on September 2, 2010


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Cyprus Tennis – reviews social tennis at Aphrodite Hills – 2 September 2010 – Tennis in Cyprus

Sociality’s best!  Hitting those balls hard and fast, laughing, teasing, that’s what social tennis is about.  That’s what Cyprus Tennis is about (  People of all ages, nationalities and abilities playing a set of  doubles, changing around, playing another set with new people and having fun.  It’s good to just play for enjoyment – sometimes you get so focused on training and winning that you can forget it (I haven’t yet – still enjoying every minute).  You meet new people, experience playing against variety of different styles and yes, it’s social.  Sometimes the standard of play is very high, sometimes less so, but it’s all valuable.  In the past I’ve always performed better when playing against good players who hit the bal hard and had problems handling someone who hits the ball gently.  Now, I feel I can handle both.  Last night, there were children as young as 9 playing (and not doing bad at all) to some older people (I’m not mentioning ages as I want to remain uninjured!).

So, if you want to play some fun tennis, come join us Wednesday nights at 7pm at Aphrodite Hills.  It’s 10 Euros for non-members and lasts around 2 hours.