Getting withdrawal symptons – Cyprus Tennis

Posted on September 7, 2010


The US Open

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Cyprus Tennis – describes getting withrawal symptons – 7 September 2010 – Tennis in Cyprus

I haven’t played tennis in Cyprus or anywhere else since last Wednesday so I’m getting withdrawal symptons (  This is made even worse by watching the US Open ( and wanting to just get out there and play.  I keep imagining myself playing like they do on TV – it’s a dream, but I’m willing to try.  So, Wyn and Jay – do your worst 🙂

Social tennis tomorrow, playing tennis with a friend on Thursday and another Friday Night Fignt to follow!  Need to play at least 4 times a week to prepare for the tournament.  Hope to go to the gym tonight if I can get away from work in time.  I’ve even virtually cut out alcohol.  healthy eating is the next thing.

 Oh, and below is a link to a supposed fight that took place at the US Open in the crowd.