What do you do when part of your game goes and walks out the door?

Posted on September 15, 2010


Nadal in 2006

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Cyprus tennis – asks, what do you when you suddenly play badly – 15 September 2010 – Tennis in Cyprus

Do you follow it out the door?  🙂  No!  You definitely don’t give up.  You have to re-set and find your focus again, or that’s the theory.  It certainly is hard though to stop yourself tensing up and making it worse.    Last night it was my backhand.  Everything was going so well (thanks Jay), then boom! My backhand disappeared and I couldn’t hit it properly – up in the air, into the net, off the frame everything.  My frustration levels rose and I tried, but I would say the reset is a work in progress Jay (coach at Aphrodite Hills).

Today though, I ache.  2.5 hours of tennis on Monday, 2 hours yesterday (all 1-1) and tonight 2 hours of doubles.  Bring it on!

(photo of how I’d like to play! 🙂 )