Annoyed at not being able to compete – no women’s tennis in Cyprus

Posted on October 8, 2010


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Cyprus Tennis – asks why are there no tennis competitions for women – 8 October 2010 – Tennis in Cyprus

Getting extremely frustrated that there are no tournaments to play in.  Got my medical card and registered with the Cyprus Tennis Federation March/April this year, played in Aphrodite Hills Open and since then 5 tournaments have taken place, with no women’s singles and only 1 I believe had women’s doubles.  Having paid for the full medical that the government demands it is extremely disappointing and frustrating.  It’s not good enough! 🙂

So, where are the women players and why don’t they take part?  Part of the problem is that the junior game is taking off, but nothing is being done about adults.  More needs to be done by the Cyprus Tennis Federation and the individual clubs to attract women players and to encourage them to register.  It’s in the interest of the game.

So any women tennis players out there, please contact us, make your comments, provide posts and of course get registered and enter tournaments here.  the more the merrier.  let’s get some really competitive tennis going!