Cyprus Tennis Explains How to Register With the Cyprus Tennis Federation

Posted on October 13, 2010


Cyprus Tennis – expalains how to register with the Cyprus Tennis Federation – 13 October 2010 – Tennis in Cyprus

You’re enjoying your tennis, feel like a challenge and decide you want to take part in some tournaments in Cyprus.  What do you do?  Well, to enter into the regular tournaments organised by the Cyprus Tennis Federation you need to get registered with them.  To do this firstly, you need to download the forms – 2 page medical & 1 page Cyprus Tennis Federation (CTF) form.

CTF Registration form, CTF Registration Form ENG, Medical form 1, medical Form 1 ENG, Medical form 2, Medical Form 2 ENG, List of what needed for registration ENG

Then you  have to  have your medical, which varies according to your age:

From 12 to 35 years old

–    Cardiogram

–    Chest X ray

–    Blood & urine test

–    Blood type

Over 35

–    All the above, except the cardiogram is replaced by a stress test

A stress test is where you run on a treadmill with electrodes attached and are tested up to a certain blood pressure to see how your heart behaves.  Women, don’t just wear a sports top, make sure you have an attractive bra on as you will be running in your bra (this is from personal experience) 🙂

Take your medicall forms with you for the doctor to fill in and sign.  Most clinics offer the sports medical as a package of around Euros 50 for those under 35.  If you’re over 35, then  you have to have the stress test, so it is around Euros 200 in total.  For this you need to go to a clinic with a cardiology department, or a specialist cardiologist, both with the correct apparatus.  Always say it is for the Cyprus Athletic Organisation (or KOA) medical.  In Pafos, for example, you can get the medical, including stress test at:

–    Evangelismos Hospital

–    St Andrews Cardiological Diagnostic Centre

After you have done the medical, make copies of all the results and the forms (in case they go astray – you don’t want to pay for another test).  Send the medical form, plus all your results, 2 recent passport photos and a copy of your birth certificate or passport to the Cyprus Athletic Organisation (KOA).

Makarios Sport Centre Av., Engomi,2400 Nicosia.CYPRUS
P.O. Box: 24804, 1304 Nicosia,
CYPRUSTel: 22 897 000    Fax:  22 35822

If you are in Nicosia, I would advise dropping them off in person, otherwise get Akis Express or someone similar to deliver them direct.

You can send at the same time your application form to the CTF.  Fill it in and send it with a copy of your passport or birth certificate, plus 1 passport photo and a fee of Euros 20.  If you already have your health card from the athletics organisation, then send the health certificate as well.  i would again recommend either dropping it off personally or sending it with a courier service to:

21, AMPHIPOLEOS STR. 2025 NICOSIA  TEL.:  22449860/61    FAX:  22668016

After a few weeks you should receive your medical card and Cyprus Tennis Federation card.  This then entitles you to play in official tournaments in Cyprus.  You will need to quote the numbers on both of these every time you enter a tournament.

You can find the list of tournaments at our Tennis Tournament page.

You also have to register with the Cyprus Tennis Federation, which costs Euros 20.  Images of the Greek and English translated forms can be found here.

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