Cyprus Tennis – Day 2 of Intensive Tennis Course

Posted on October 20, 2010


Nadal in 2006

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Cyprus Tennis – reviews the second day of a week long intensive tennis course at Aphrodite Hills – 19 September 2010 – Tennis in Cyprus

A slightly later start today, so we had time to make a super juice.  Loads of green stuff, such as fresh coriander, spinach, celery, cucumber, as well as avocado, beetroot and ginger (according to Heaven on Earth Herbals).  Delicious!  My friend thought so too and a great way to start the day.  This was followed up an Actimel later on.

Onto the more important things – the tennis! Well the 2nd started the same – we were a couple of minutes late arriving at Aphrodite Hills tennis academy- the superjuice was just too good to miss!  And we began with practicising the short ball from the baseline.  It still takes me a while to get my range in – I either fire it far to far over or int the net.  Wyn kept saying just forget the net.  Just aim higher.  Just tell yourself to do better this time.  It kind of works.

We did loads of work on an approach shot off a short ball and then did this followed by an approach volley.  It took me ages to get the approach volley working, so a lot more work required on that. 

Finally, we did some work on my serve, adding a little bit to my action.  Really just making it “flow” better as Wyn puts it.

Meanwhile, on the other court, my friend’s group increased by 1, with Daniel from Switzerland joining them.  They did a lot more work on groundstrokes, adding some more focus points, as well as discussing Nadal a lot. Naheed found focusing on which colour the ball was primarily (they were yellow & orange balls) very good.  Again, they had the headphones on for part of it, having chillout music relaxing them, while they were given instruction on what to do.  It’s as if the rest of the world disappears and there is just the music, your racquet and the tennis ball – it’s amazing! 

Later in the evening, we took part in the regular Tuesday evening drill session followed by matchplay.

Overall, a good day.