Cyprus Tennis – Day 5 Intensive Tennis Course

Posted on October 25, 2010


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Cyprus Tennis – reviews the final day of the intensive tennis week at Aphrodite Hills – 22 October 2010 – Tennis in Cyprus

The final day of our intensive tennis course.  An early start again at Aphrodite Hills for the culmination of our 5 day course.  Wyn had promised to “kill me”, not literally, but to push me really hard physically as well as my tennis.  I was looking forward to it.  We started off again with short balls from the baseline to the service box and then we hit some balls early, on the rise.  After that it was time to start me running. From left to right, one forehand, one backhand right in the corners so that I was running back and forth like a yo yo and of course making me play shots under pressure.  Then we played killer, the same as the previous exercise, but with Wyn feeding each ball so that it was much faster. I tried out a few racquets as well 🙂

Cyprus Tennis aiming to hit the ball early

Then I learnt a trick – the Andy Murray, reverse turn on a backhand slice 🙂  After this, we did a bit more fine tuning of my serve, which went really well.  And finally, we played some points.  Not so good, but by the end of it, I was beginning to make headway. But Wyn, you didn’t kill me! OK, my arms were a little shaky, but I was fine.  You’ll have to try again!

Over on the other court, everyone was progressing, with groundstrokes, volleys, services and service returns.  They finished by playing some points.  After us, the two juniors taking the third intensive course were also making great progress.  It was fun to watch!

Wyn coaching the juniors course

So the course was over and we all had a fantastic time – thanks Wyn and Jay! Tomorrow, I’m going to do a roundup, with interviews with everyone.

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