Cyprus Tennis Asks How Can You Play So Well One Day & So Badly The Next?

Posted on November 25, 2010


Cyprus Tennis – reviews ITF Seniors tennis match – 24 November 2010 – Tennis in Cyprus

Last night I was on a roll. I didn’t play perfectly, but I felt I did at least do some justice to my training and I believe I made my coach up his game. Wyn you’re free to disagree. My serves were pretty good, my return of serve was good, especially the first two which I have to say myself were pretty awesome.

Enough of last night though. Today was a whole different story and a whole different surface. From hardcourt to clay court, or the sky to the depths. I prepared well, warmed up though I didn’t quite seem to get it working. I was pretty relaxed going into the match and throughout, but nothing quite worked. I’ve always had a problem playing people who hit the ball really softly, but I thought I had got over that. Not today. I played crap and well the match never really caught fire. The one game I played properly, I thrashed her and I believe that if I had played even 60% as well as I did last night, I would have won easily. I’m not sure why, but I didn’t follow through on my shots properly. When I created an opportunity I found the ball bounced high and I was nervous of over hitting it, so I didn’t kill the point as I should have done and wasted the opportunity. Some of it was attributable to playing on clay as I misjudged the ball all the time and therefore wasn’t hitting cleanly. My return of serve was a prime example. I normally can return virtually any serve, but today I mishit most of my service returns. They were still going in some of the time, but very weak. My serve was not good, but the few times I managed to hit a medium strength serve, my opponent couldn’t return it. If only …That is probably the theme for today. So, I have to:

Cyprus Tennis celebrating losing the match

– Practice my throw up for my serve
– Get more consistency & not stop following through when playing a softer ball
– Practice more on clay to adjust to it
– Not play on hardcourts the night before a match on clay

So, some of my goals for the next few months in preparation for my assault on the rankings in 2011.

The ITF Seniors Grade 4 tournament took place at the all-inclusive Aldiana, between Limassol and Larnaca, near Zigi. Guests are primarily from Germany. It has 10 clay courts, although only 3 are floodlit. The tournament was organised by PLAY Marketing in Germany and everyone was very welcoming. It was easy to sign up, easy to check in with the organisers when we arrived and there were plenty of free drinks and snacks all day. A beer went down a treat after the match.

Another match at the ITF Seniors

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