Cyprus Tennis Hones In On The Answer To The Tennis Racquet Conundrum

Posted on February 3, 2011


Nadal in 2006

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Cyprus Tennis – continues to review Tennis Racquets on offer – 4 February 2011 – Tennis in Cyprus

Sorry about the long title, it just kind of flowed 🙂 So, getting back to the subject.  Professional tennis rackets, which should I choose?  Well I’ve tried out about 16 Tennis Racquets of different makes and have narrowed it down to 2 possibilities – the Prince EXO3 Black or the Babolat AeroPro Drive.

Previously, it ihas been the Babolat that has been in the lead, but last night at the regular Wednesday night tennis at Aphrodite Hills Tennis Academy, the Prince Tennis Racquet edged ahead with the new Thunder XX strings.  A few forehand canons and strong serves were very gratefully received by me.  Racquets aside, it was a good evening with about 8 of us playing hard, but also having fun teasing each other.  Yes John, we know the standard answer is always 30 all!  There were also some holidaymakers taking part both last night and for the drill session on Tuesday night.  Excellent!

So, will try The Prince Tennis Racquet out in a tennis match tomorrow and then (yes Wyn – coach at Aphrodite Hills) I will have to make a final decision this week I know.  Need to get training for first adult Tennis Tournament in Cyprus in March.