Serving My Head Up On a Platter

Posted on February 7, 2011


Cyprus Tennis – reviews Mad4Tennis match – 5 January 2011 – Tennis in Cyprus

After several false starts because of the weather, we finally played our Tennis Match – myself and my Mad4Tennis opponent Michalis.  As is usual in Cyprus, you bump into someone socially who you knew years ago and you find out they are your next opponent!  In Cyprus there is just one degree of separation, not six 🙂

Cyprus Tennis aiming to hit the ball early

Anyway, such is Cyprus Tennis at the moment – it is dictated by the weather, but we can’t complain too much as it is February and the weather should be much worse.  We had some rain while we played, but the Tennis Courts only became slightly slippery 🙂  We played at the Aphrodite Hills Tennis Academy on the hard courts with the multicoloured balls – thought it would be easier to see them in the bad light.  So, how did the match go?  Well Michalis has a very good 1st serve.  I would say it was in probably at least 85% of the time, in a good position, difficult to reach, or at the body and hard with a kick to it.  So it was hard to break his serve.  Not impossible, but required the rest of my play to be good and consistent, which it wasn’t.  We played some good points with quite  lot of running around (thank God I’m relatively fit) and it was fun.  My serve was crap, so I didn’t have my normal advantage in service games.  Overall, I didn’t play brilliantly, but not total crap and Michalis played better, so he deserved the scoreline 6-3 7-5.  Next time Michalis!  🙂  Thanks for a great game – look forward to playing you again!  I played with the Prince EXO3 Black Tennis Racquet and it wasn’t bad.