Cyprus Tennis Is Busy, Busy

Posted on March 25, 2011


View of Central Nicosia.

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Cyprus Tennis – explains why there has been a pause in posts – 25 March 2011 – Tennis in Cyprus

What can I say? It’s been a long time, but life has got in the way.  Cyprus Tennis has made the move to the “big” or not so big city of Nicosia and the transition has taken time.  Tennis has been put on hold by default.  First finding somewhere to live, then moving and the painfully long time it took to unpack and try to get things organised and yes a new job.  Plus, unfortunately it appears that most Cypriot Tennis Clubs don’t have social tennis or anything at all really organised for its members, apart from Aphrodite Hills.  So Wyn, Jay, hats off to you guys!

It’s a pity.  The game in Cyprus is here to be developed, but it appears that no one really wants to encourage it.  There are more sessions organised for juniors I’m led to believe, but the adults are forgotten about.  You just pay for your membership to use the courts and that’s it.  Why?  Maybe I’ve been spoilt in the UK and at the Aphrodite Hills Tennis Academy.  Tennis is fun.  It’s social.  To improve, you want to play with different people and to be pushed.  It’s fun discussing tennis and getting tips from someone else.  It’s a great way to meet people and enlargen your social circle, or it could be.  Also, how can anyone expect more women to start playing in tennis tournaments in Cyprus if nothing is done to attract them, nothing is done to encourage people to join a club. and really if you join you’re expected to join with someone else so you have someone to play with.  I have to say that Geroskipou club, even though they don’t have a regular members night, they do put you in touch with other members and they are very welcoming, Nicosia Field Club is at least trying to put me in touch with some players.  Hopefully, I will have the chance to find someone to play with in Nicosia when I play in the tournament there.

But, I have to say, ATL and Mad4Tennis, well done! these guys are organising regular amateur tournaments. ATL is doing it for multiple levels and both of them are now allowing women to play in the mens draw. Why? Well it’s better than not having anyone to play against as there aren’t enough women. And, anyway, it’s fun playing the men 🙂 Check out their websites and sign up to play.

So yes, end of story is I am now installed in Nicosia, but with no one to play with so I am only playing sporadically.  All my tennis tournament preparation has gone out the window 😦

What do you think?  have you had a similar experience?  Or, do you disagree?  Looking forward to hearing from you.  Oh and if you’re from Nicosia, how about organising a game 🙂