Cyprus Tennis Heads To The UK

Posted on July 16, 2011


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Cyprus Tennis – reviews the PTR tennis coaching course, part 1 – 16 July 2011 – Tennis in Cyprus

Well it’s raining in the UK, no big surprise there.  Monday starts the 5 day intensive PTR Tennis Coaching course and I’m looking forward to it.  Apparently, I won’t be able to move by the end of each day, which will be interesting and painful. I have very little idea what to expect, what I will have to do and how my performance will match up.  Thanks John & Wynn for your advice

I did try to go jogging today, but the rain kind of interrupted me, so my fitness will not be at its peak.  The alcohol I drank yesterday might also have something to do with it 🙂

So, for those of you like me who love tennis, I hope to be able to report back each day on how the course is going – if I’m not so exhausted I just collapse on my bed!