Come Watch ATL 1000 Tennis Finals This Saturday At Aphrodite Hills

Posted on December 1, 2011


Cyprus Tennis – reviews the upcoming ATL 1000 Finals – 1 December 2011 – Tennis in Cyprus

The last ATL Tennis Tournament of 2011 is drawing to a close.  The ATL 1000 Singles finals for both Limassol and Nicosia are taking place in the luxurious surroundings of Aphrodite Hills this Saturday afternoon.

At Aphrodite Hills there are 5 hardcourts and 4 sublime clay courts – if you’ve ever played on them, you will know they are championship standard.  A fitting place to hold these finals and sign off 2011 with a flourish.

So who’s playing?

In the Nicosia ATL 1000 Finals, Yiannos Trillides, seeded no 1 in Nicosia and 2 in Cyprus in the ATL rankings, will be facing Petros Ioannou, seeded  5 in Nicosia and 13 in Cyprus.  Have they played each other before?  I don’t know, so if anyone does have that info, please send it into us.

In the Limassol ATL 1000 Finals, Dimitry Lazerev, seeded no 4 in Limassol and 7 in Cyprus, will be looking to end Limassol and Cyprus’ no 1 Marios Papacharalambous’ unbeaten run.  Will he succeed?

Have you noticed though, that all the finalists are men?  Where are the women?  There are some very good female players in Cyprus, but not many have yet signed up to play in the ATL tournaments.  If you’re a female tennis player, why not take part?  I’ve played a number of times in ATL tournaments and never felt I lost because I was playing a man – I lost because I made errors.  So, come on all you women players join us and take pleasure in beating the men 🙂

And, if you’d like to watch some top flight tennis, then come along on Saturday afternoon.  Pull up a chair, have a drink and watch the matches unfold.