Bartoli Batters Lisicki into submission

Posted on July 8, 2013


Marion Bartoli at the 2009 US Open

Marion Bartoli at the 2009 US Open (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cyprus Tennis – reviews Ladies Wimbledon Final – 6 July 2013 – Tennis in Cyprus

So did you watch the women’s final?  What a pity for Lisicki.  She lost it – it was her first Grand Slam final and the occasion got to her.  It was only the last few games where you saw her true game emerging.  I certainly wish she had played like that throughout as it would have made it far more exciting for me as a Paphos Tennis Coach.

I don’t want to take anything away from Bartoli though.  Talk about determination and raw power.  She dominated and bludgeoned Lisicki.  Her technique may be completely unconventional, but it works for her.  Aparently her dad developed his own methods for training that the French Federation weren’t so keen on.  But, you have to give it to her she was awesome!

For me though, Lisicki is an example to aspiring players.  They should study her strategy and shot selection against Williams and Kanepi.  See the “battering ram” in full use and many other game plans.

I still like to liken tennis to chess or boxing – you move the other player around until you find a weakness, then you take the opportunity to take control of the point.

I look forward to watching clips of the matches on YouTube.  Hope you do too!

All I can say is that Women’s Tennis is a long way from being dead – it is alive and well and full of surprises.