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Welcome to Cyprus Tennis.  Tennis here is a growing sport, with a variety of clubs, courts and first rate coaches and academies.  Some clubs are unable to take new members and have a large number of very talented junior players – the grass roots that are so important for developing a sport.  Baghdatis has changed everything here!  There are also a large number of adult players of all abilities.

If its competition you are interested in, then there are opportunities to compete at all levels.

So what do we do?  We talk about tennis with passion and have created a central point for all that is tennis in Cyprus , where you can find out everything about tennis in here whether you live here or are a visitor.  We welcome suggestions for content and see this as a central point for tennis in Cyprus.

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  1. Nuno e Maria

    November 7, 2010

    Really good to see cyprus tennis moving on! This will keep me definitly updated! Please continue and see you on court.Cheers


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