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Cyprus Tennis Gets Fit

January 2, 2012


Cyprus Tennis – discusses fitness plans for 2012 – 2 January 2012 – Tennis in Cyprus So, it’s now the New Year. Time flies when you’re having fun.  It seems only yesterday that it was November and there were 3-4 months to prepare for the 2012 season.  Now it’s January and i feel I have […]

Why do you love tennis?

August 29, 2011


Cyprus Tennis – asks Why Do You Like Tennis? – 29 August 2011 – Tennis in Cyprus So why do you love Tennis?  I’ve been thinking about it.  I’m definitely addicted to tennis and I’m trying to work out why.  I love it as a sport.  I suppose firstly because I could pick up a […]

Cyprus Tennis Trains To Be Coach

August 3, 2011


Cyprus Tennis – reviews PTR Tennis Coaching course – 2 August 2011 – Tennis in Cyprus I must have been mad, but I suddenly decided to go to the UK to learn to be a tennis coach.  And, I had a brilliant time!  I enjoyed every minute of it (apart from the exams).  Why do […]

Cyprus Tennis Heads To The UK

July 16, 2011


Cyprus Tennis – reviews the PTR tennis coaching course, part 1 – 16 July 2011 – Tennis in Cyprus Well it’s raining in the UK, no big surprise there.  Monday starts the 5 day intensive PTR Tennis Coaching course and I’m looking forward to it.  Apparently, I won’t be able to move by the end […]

Cyprus Tennis Is Busy, Busy

March 25, 2011


Cyprus Tennis – explains why there has been a pause in posts – 25 March 2011 – Tennis in Cyprus What can I say? It’s been a long time, but life has got in the way.  Cyprus Tennis has made the move to the “big” or not so big city of Nicosia and the transition […]

Serving My Head Up On a Platter

February 7, 2011


Cyprus Tennis – reviews Mad4Tennis match – 5 January 2011 – Tennis in Cyprus After several false starts because of the weather, we finally played our Tennis Match – myself and my Mad4Tennis opponent Michalis.  As is usual in Cyprus, you bump into someone socially who you knew years ago and you find out they […]

Cyprus Tennis Hones In On The Answer To The Tennis Racquet Conundrum

February 3, 2011


Cyprus Tennis – continues to review Tennis Racquets on offer – 4 February 2011 – Tennis in Cyprus Sorry about the long title, it just kind of flowed 🙂 So, getting back to the subject.  Professional tennis rackets, which should I choose?  Well I’ve tried out about 16 Tennis Racquets of different makes and have […]

Cyprus Tennis Continues To Test Out New Tennis Racquets

January 27, 2011


Cyprus Tennis – reviews more tennis racquets – 25 January 2010 – Tennis in Cyprus Well it’s been a testing time 🙂 Have tried some Head, Prince, Babolat and now Wilson racquets and it’s getting close to decision time.  I quite like the Prince EXO3 Black, but will try it out with different strings (thanks […]

Cyprus Tennis Tries Out New Tennis Racquets

January 5, 2011


Cyprus Tennis – reviews tennis racquets – 5 January 2011 – Tennis in Cyprus After a slight hiatus, Cyprus Tennis is back.  With the weather and a lack of opponents over the holiday season, it has not been easy to play that often, but now I am raring to go.  Hopefully the weather will hold […]

Cyprus Tennis Makes Progress

November 29, 2010


Cyprus Tennis – reviews practice session – 28 November 2010 – Tennis in Cyprus All the Cyprus Tennis Tournaments are over now, so it’s time to relax and play tennis just to play.  It’s a great feeling.  I played a tennis coach, John, tonight and had a great time.  OK, he beat me, but I […]