Wimbledon Revelations

Posted on July 4, 2013


Sabine Lisicki

Sabine Lisicki (Photo credit: Carine06)

Cyprus Tennis – reviews the semi-finals & goings on at Wimbledon 2013 – 4 July 2013 – Tennis in Cyprus

As a Pafos Tennis Coach, I follow all the tennis news and try to watch as many matches as possible and I have to say that this years Wimbledon is the most exciting for ages.  There are no foregone conclusions.  Huge seeds have crashed out and other players have suddenly begun to emerge into the limelight.

For me the one who stands out more than any other is Lisicki.  If you saw Serena Williams play Maria Sharapova in the finals of the French Open, you will have seen how she outclassed her, how she seemed to be at another level all together.  Then comes Wimbledon and Lisicki.  I’ve seen Lisicki play a few times briefly, but not really studied her, but how she played when she knocked out Serena was phenomenal.  Again against Kaia Kanepi she displayed such a variety of shots and a brilliant strategic mind.  Mixing up hard and soft serves, kick and slice serves, aces on her 2nd serve.  Sudden unpredictable drop shots and huge forehands, followed by slices.  All designed to upset her opponents rhythm and it worked.  Wow!

Jerzy Janowicz is not such a surprise.  After last years’ huge scalps, he has now started to do well at the Grand Slams.  A huge man in height, he is far more than just a powerhouse.  His drop shots are amazing, he moves well and again he has more variety than you would expect.  His problem s his mentality.  He plays his best when he is excited, but sometimes it seems like he is asleep and you are waiting for him to wake up.  I’m looking forward to his match with Murray, but I have to admit I will be cheering Andy on – though I’ll definitely appreciate Janowicz play and passion.

So in the men’s who do you think will win?  Will Djokovic overcome DelPo and Murray?  Will Janowicz become the first pole into a final? In the women’s, who would you pick?  If she carries on at this level, I have to say I’m routing for Lisicki, but who knows?

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