Wondering what to get for Christmas?

Posted on November 27, 2013


If you’re not sure what to buy someone for Christmas, then this Paphos Tennis Coach has some suggestions 🙂

Why not give a voucher for either a group (€10) or individual tennis lesson (€25)?

Vouchers available for Tennis Coaching

Vouchers available for Tennis Coaching

It might be for someone who already plays, or someone who’s always wanted to try out tennis.  Or, you could buy a Prince Tennis racquet.  We have racquets for young children all the way through to professional adult racquets.  We can help you chose the correct racquet and can even arrange a chance to try out a racquet first (only adult professional racquets).

So, if this sounds like a good idea, either email me or call me on 99 329107. You can pay me in person, or via PayPal.

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