Cyprus Tennis Trains To Be Coach

Posted on August 3, 2011


Cyprus Tennis – reviews PTR Tennis Coaching course – 2 August 2011 – Tennis in Cyprus

I must have been mad, but I suddenly decided to go to the UK to learn to be a tennis coach.  And, I had a brilliant time!  I enjoyed every minute of it (apart from the exams).  Why do I want to be a coach?  Because I love tennis and if I can play it every day, I’ll be very happy.

So, what was the course like?  It was hard work, both physically and mentally.  We played from 9am to 4pm every day and after that there was homework to do.  The PTR Coach, Chris, was brilliant and spent a lot of time helping us to develop our coaching skills.  There were 10 of us learning, with most of the others around 16-23 years old.  I have to say they were all great fun and worked hard.  In fact they all had for more coaching experience than me – so I had a lot to learn.

The written exam was on the Thursday with 100 questions about all aspects of tennis and tennis general knowledge.  Then on Friday, it was a whole day of practical tests – error detection, skills, drills and teaching a class.  For the tests, we had a new addition, Tim, who came to take the exams and another PTR coach to help test us, Jackie.

Both Chris & Jackie worked us hard and certainly challenged us on the error detection.  🙂  I don’t know why, but I  got really nervous – I worked out later that I hadn’t done an exam for over 15 years, so that might of had something to do with it!

It was sad when it was over, but looking forward to applying everything I learnt back in Cyprus.  I’ve already tried some of it.  Thanks Chris & Jackie for everything and a big hello to the rest of the guys on the course – hope to see you in Cyprus!

You’ll find more photos on once I’ve had a chance to get my cable to download them.